January 31, 2017

Crayon Melt Art ft. Craftin Desert Divas

It's been raining quite a bit in San Diego lately, so I'm in the mood of creating a rainy scene. I immediately thought about recreating a card version of the artistic crayon melt arts I saw on Pinterest.


Trial One: This is perhaps the most common method, or what you would normally do with a canvas. But nope, it does not work on paper.
 I adhered the crayons temporarily to a piece of card board and placed the cardstock right under the tips of the crayons. Then, holding the cardboard in a standing position, I began melting the crayons with my heat tool. The colors didn't drip the way I've imagined, but instead they just splattered and mixed in the most uncontrollable fashion. Something I noticed right away: as you melt the crayons, wax (?) seeps through the paper leaves marks shown in the right picture.

Trial Two: So then I tried drawing with my crayons and melting the lines afterwards. The result, not so impressive. They don't have the dimension and thickness I was hoping for.  

Trial Three: I ended up melting each crayon one by one by holding a crayon perpendicular to the cardstock and applying heat to the tip of the crayon. You need to move the crayon along the panel as it melts so it will create strokes instead of puddles of colors. 

I colored this Rainy Day Girl image from Craftin Desert Divas with Copics, and the colors I've used are listed below: 
Red: R27, R37, E09
Orange: YR04, YR07, R08
Yellow: Y11, Y13, Y15
Green: YG13, G07
Blue: B23
Purple: V04, V06, V09

Then I adhered some rainbow colored sequins and that finishes off the card! This one is definitely a little different and more artsy than my usual creations, but I hope you have enjoyed looking at it as well. Thanks for stopping by!

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