June 24, 2019

Disney Inspired Twist & Pop Card ft. Mama Elephant

Disney-Mickey-Mask-Rainbow-Ink-Blend_sideWM.jpg-VersaFine Clair Memory Keeping
Hi everyone! Today I have a very special memory keeping project to share with you. I went to Disneyland earlier this year, and had such a wonderful time (well, duh!) that I decided to create a card to document it. I haven't made interactive cards in a while, so I thought I'd try something new and make a twist and pop card.

This post focuses more on the ink blending, stamping, and coloring. I will also create a blog post and video soon to share how you can create the twist and pop mechanism.

Video Tutorial:

I used 18 VersaFine Clair inks today. I know, *lots* of ink blending. I've found that they blend super well and for smaller areas the sponge daubers work perfect. But if you'd like to ink blend an entire card panel, you might love the jumbo dauber for faster and smoother results. The ink sweepers are good helpers, too!

NOTE: Colors that I didn't use today are Summertime, Chianti, Pine Cone, Fallen Leaves, Morning Mist, Nocturne

Disney-Mickey-Mask-Rainbow-Ink-Blend_WM.jpg-VersaFine Clair Memory Keeping Mickey Mouse Rainbow Card Front
After I ink blended the card panel shown in the video, I die cut a gold glitter frame using Mama Elephant's Madison Avenue Creative Cuts. The number stamps are from the Number It set. I originally wanted to include the month and date as well, and colored them in red, orange and yellow. But then I realized that it looks too crowded so I settled for just including the "2019."

VersaFine Clair: Cheerful / Red Tulip / Glamorous / Purple Delight / Fantasia / Warm Breeze / Green Oasis / Verdant

Little-Mermaid-Copic-Twist-Pop-Card_WM.jpg-VersaFine Clair Memory Keeping The Little Mermaid
I love all mermaid things so it's no surprise that I have to get the Mermaid Kisses set from Mama Elephant. I colored all of the images with Copic markers and used the coordinating dies to cut them out. The wavy layers are dies cuts using the Ocean Waves Trio Creative Cuts.

VersaFine Clair: Warm Breeze / Twilight / Blue Belle
MERMAID HAIR: YR30 / YR21 / E97 / YR09 / (R35) / R39
SKIN: E000 / E00 / E21 / E11 / E04 / R20
SHELL BRA: V12 / V06 / V09
MERMAID TAIL: BG10 / BG13 / BG49 / G17

ROCK: C1 / C3 / C5 / C7
SEAWEED: YG61 / G46 / G29
CRAB: YR14 / YR16 / R35 / R39
CLAM SHELL: W1 / W3 / W5 / W7 

Lion-King-Copic-Twist-Pop-Card_WM.jpg-VersaFine Clair Memory Keeping
The Lion King
For the second design, I wanted to create a Lion King panel because we saw an interactive 3D film performance that included The Lion King. And you'll see how I improvised with my current stash of supplies.

IMG_4440.JPG-VersaFine Clair Memory Keeping The main images are from Carnival Cupcakes, which is the very first Mama Elephant stamp set I bought. I added extra details to the little lion's face so that he looks more like a lion cub. What do you think? Do you think that the altered small bear could pass as baby Simba? I thought the grassy lands looked a bit plain so I wanted to add a tree. And as you can probably tell, I struggled to find a suitable stamp! I ended up using the coral image from Mermaid Kisses set. I mean... that kinda works, right? :P And finally, I added some leaves from Pix's Favorite set.

VersaFine Clair: Rain Forest / Shady Lane / Green Oasis / Verdant /  Golden Meadow / Acorn
LION MANE: YR21 / YR24 / E97 / E08
LION (Other Parts): Y11 / Y13 / Y15 / Y19
TREE BRANCH: E35 / E37 / E29

Up-Copic-Twist-Pop-Card_WM.jpg-VersaFine Clair Memory Keeping
If you've seen some of my previous cards before, you know that I love to do stamp images mash-ups! It's one of my favorite ways to stretch my stamp supplies and my creativity. This time I combined the balloons from Up and Away set with the little house from Christmas Scene to recreate the iconic rainbow balloon-house from Up. I've also added some clouds from Unicorns and Rainbows. The Grizzly River Run at California Adventure is now Up themed. They even have a pressed quarter machine but unfortunately both the the machine and the ride were out of order when we visited.

VersaFine Clair: Paradise
RED BALLOONS: R32 / R35 / R37 / R39
BLUE BALLOONS: B21 / B24 / B26 / B29
GREEN BALLOONS: YG25 / G07 / G17 / G28
YELLOW BALLOONS: Y11 / Y13 / Y15 / Y19
BROWN ROOF: E71 / E74 / E77 / E79

Cinderella-Copic-Twist-Pop-Card_WM.jpg-VersaFine Clair Memory Keeping
Cinderella is probably my favorite Disney princess movies growing up, so I wanted to dedicate a corner to my childhood dreams. Since there aren't any princess stamps from Mama Elephant, I thought I would focus on some of the other elements from the movie: pumpkins and mice definitely scream "Cinderella" to me. These little cuties are actually from a Halloween set called Meowlloween Extras. I colored them following Jaq and Gus' outfits in the films. The fairy godmother, castle, moon and stars on the other hand, are from the same Unicorns and Rainbows set mentioned above. I thought it was a pretty clever idea to turn the clouds under the castle into shrubs and bushes so they blend well into the scene. I've also added a ton of sparkle to the sky using Imagine's Sheer Shimmer Stix in Sparkle. Lastly, I stamped the grass image from Pix's Favorites to add some interest to the lawn, and that completes the 4 pop-up panels.

NOTE: The horse and carriage stamp from Mama Elephant's Central Park set would also work nicely for a Cinderella themed card. I didn't even know that ME had such a set until very recently!

VersaFine Clair: Medieval Blue / Monarch / Charming Pink / Cheerful
MOUSE: E40 / E43 / E31 / E44
PUMPKINS: Y11 / Y15 / YR16 / YR18
CASTLE: C1 / C3 / C5

Disney-Twist-Pop-Card-Ticket_WM.jpg-VersaFine Clair Memory Keeping
I love to keep tickets from concerts, amusement parks and special places that I've visited, and I thought it'd add a nice, personal touch to this memory keeping card. And guess what, the sentiment from Carnival Toppers also pairs perfectly well! After all, you are buying the tickets to the "Happiest place on Earth." ☺

I hope you enjoyed this magical, memory-filled twist and pop card project. I had so much fun creating it and my boyfriend was so amazed by this interactive card. I love how the recipients' appreciation makes card making such a wonderful and rewarding experience. Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope to see you soon. 

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